My 1st year


You've brought your bundle of joy into the world, and have, no doubt, been marvelling at how quickly they change.

So why not consider capturing some of those early milestones in your baby's 1st year by having a photoshoot.

Capture your baby sitting up and taking delight at exploring what is placed in front of them, capture forever those moments where they discover their fingers and toes and, that all important 1st birthday, where, together, we can capture that gleeful curiosity as they rip apart a carefully wrapped gift and / or a cake smash, capturing their face and hands full of yummy birthday cake.

Held in the convenience of your own home* or at a venue of your choice**, why not invite other family members to join in the fun and take part in these photo shoots too?

The My 1st year series consists of 3 sittings, first at 3 months, then at 6-7 months (once able to sit) and the final sitting at 12 months.

After each session, you will be presented with one 12”x 8” print of your favourite image from that sitting.

You will also be able to purchase additional images from either of your sessions for yourself, or as a perfect gift for family and friends. ***

But there is no obligation to buy.

See here for Terms and Conditions.

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